Sunday, August 9, 2009

Kevin's Final Blog

My common theme for our trip was the idea of freedom. It just kept coming up in different ways.

Charleston, SC - Fort Sumpter was the site of a long seige during the Civil War.

Savannah, GA - saw the plantation of a signer of the Declaration of Independence.

Montgomery, AL - MLK pastored here and ran the bus boycott, which was started by Rosa Parks in the downtown area.

New Orleans - OK, Bourbon Street was pretty much about being free to do anything you want.

Asheville, NC - the Biltmore Estate was definitely not free!

Monticello - We are lucky that Washington, Jefferson, Madison, and the others somehow converged at the same time and place to produce a document that changed the world.

There were many other things we saw related to native Americans, slavery, American independence and various wars that seemed to all make me think about freedom many times as we traveled. Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for other family trip summaries....Kevin

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