Thursday, July 23, 2009

Catching Up from Alabama's been awhile since I've had a chance to write anything but I'll update you on the past couple of days. After spending the night in Charleston we visited Fort Sumter the next morning in the rain. It was neat to see the old, but inactive, shells in the walls. The day's weather turned good for the rest of day as we took a carrige ride throught the town. The old buildings and homes were really cool! Then we drove to Hilton Head to spend..can you believe it..2 nights at mom's uncle's summer home where we were at the beach the whole day. The water was 87degrees and like swimming in a pool plus starfish and live sand dollars. It was a little calm in the morning for what we like and are used to (practically no waves) but the afternoon proved better. It got more choppy and was soooo much fun.

The next day we got to another new state.....Georgia!! We stopped in Savannah but only had about 5 hours there. So we decided to take an hop on-and-off sightseeing trolley which was worth it. We stopped at a sweet shop on the river and got salt water taffy and tried pralines (which are really,really good). Finally, for today. We drove to Montgomery, Alabama (I have now been to 30 states) but stopped on the way to see ancient Indian mounds. They were cool to see that people actually had a society there so long ago and the artifacts archaeologists have found. During the rest of the way to Montgomery, we saw a sign for peaches and peach ice cream since Georgia is the peach state. We got to see a little factory in production and the ice cream was amazing!!! So now we are here in Montgomery and I know I said I was going to shorten my blog this time but I really had to catch you up.

Lynsey :)

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