Wednesday, July 22, 2009

made it to GA

It is Wednesday evening and the girls are taking advantage of the hotel pool. We spent the past two days traveling from NC to GA. Monday we were in Charlestown NC. Took a great horse drawn carraige ride to get a feel for the town - I took in all the pretty houses and Lauryn spent most of the ride taking pictures of all the other horses pulling carts that passed us. We visited Ft Sumter early in the day feeling confident that both Lauryn and Lynsey were able to tell us what happened there before we went on the tour. Score 1 for PA public education. From here we went to Hilton Head SC to stay at my Uncle's house. It was absolutely beautiful and loved catching up with my cousin and her family. The girls spent just about the entire day at the beach and never seemed to grow tired of body surfing. We did not have internet access to couldn't keep the blog updated.

After hearing strange sounds from the car we spent this morning at the Honda dealership - couldn't find anything wrong but did a safety inspection anyway. Things looked okay and of course no strange sounds were heard by the mechanic. So onward we forged still hearing a few interesting noises but things are good if you just turn up the radio!! Got to Savanah GA later than we wanted but did a city trolley tour that let us get on and off when we saw something that interested us. What a neat city and the river front is really cute. That brings us to tonight in GA and the girls blowing off some energy before we call it a night. They are enjoying hearing ya'all everywhere we go.

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