Sunday, July 19, 2009

College Road Trip

Hey Guys! Lynsey here. Like I don't have enough summer work to do for school Dad wants Lauryn and me to write a blog every day. It's all good though because this is an exciting trip. We decided this morning to go about an hour and a half out of our way to visit Duke University. It was worth it because the campus was gorgeous with 50 acres of gardens and those cool looking Notre Dame-like buildings. UNC's campus was so close that we went there after. My aunt went to Duke and wanted us to get her a sweatshirt but their bookshop was closed so we got her a UNC surprise instead. Haha! After a long, long drive in the car we got to our hotel on an island opposite Charleston across the Charleston Harbor (the bridge was gigantic) and finally had dinner at Sticky Fingers. I'm new at this so sorry it's so long but see ya till tomorrow!

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  1. Lynsey - You're dad is just trying to sharpen your computer skills so you can become a computer geek like Mr. Fischer.

    Keep the blogs coming!